Saturday, 13 March 2010

Weekend Update

So apart from the threat of imminent war, nothing much has happened during the week.  I've been learning skills - particularly Industrial 5, which has allowed me to train for Barges.  I've spent all day Saturday mining in a small group (using a probe kitted out with mining II lasers, which was given to me) and have also half kitted out a Rifter for tommorow, which I think is a cool looking ship.

As I mentioned in my previous post, mining ops have been suspended, so the alliance is calling for anyone (including noobs), to try and participate in pvp - it will be my first time, so I haven't got long to learn some basics and I think I should definately get some insurance!  Good job I didn't buy those expensive implants today that I was going to.  I'll be giving some more details over the coming details of the turnout of the war.

Here's some randoms of me mining today:


  1. Rifter is a great little ship, but wait till you start flying the wolf or Jaguar, they look *awesome* :D

  2. Price wise the Rifter is just right to try out PvP in! Very effective with the right fit regardless of pilot sp :) Good luck in the war. Give a shout if you need a good pvp fit for that rifter, there are tons out there!