Monday, 8 March 2010

Case of the mysterious invincible Supply Shipment....

So most of yesterday was spent doing missions in and around the surrounding systems of Aydo.  I'm currenly waiting on the Barges skill to train, so mining wasn't worth it for me yesterday. 

I did get the oportunity to run some higher level missions with my corp at one point which were very lucrative and full of danger and they let me keep all the loot!

Anyway, before bed I decided to do one last mission of my own (A New Venture - Healthy Competition 3/5).  It was an encounter near Synchelle IV - Asteroid Belt 1 in a dead space pocket, where I had to intercept a Supply Shipment out of the reach of Concord and basically blow it up to retrieve construction tools. 

Firstly I was amazed at how beutiful the area was and I'm sure most of you come across this sort of thing, but for me it was my first time so I just had to take some pics.  Secondly and more annoyingly, the quest was either bugged or my weapons weren't powerfull enough, but the supply shipment's shield kept healing rather quickly.  I am obviously a noobie, but I had four guns (Howitzer 280mm Artillery 1 with nuclear ammo) trained on this thing for ages!  I managed to get the shield down to about half way, but when the guns reloaded I lost a lot of that. 

Anyway here's some pictures of this nice looking area :


  1. I have a feeling your arty just doesn't do enough dps. Try autocannons, and don't forget to train up your small projectiles and gunnery to lvl 5. I looked at the mission rundown to see if I could get other pointers as I am not familiar with that mission, but it wasn't much help. Here's the link though, you will eventually need it to save you some heartache later on.

    Eve Survival

  2. Great, thanks Th0rG0d, I'll check out the link. Yep I think I'll try autocannons - I'm pretty sure there is enough time left on the mission, I'll try again later today.

  3. Why do you only have four guns on your Thrasher with all those highslots? Also, you might want to change your ammo to something that does more damage to shields (high EM is usually the way to go, so something like EMP ammo). Passive recharge on shields is a total pain though, if you didn't quite bring enough DPS.