Saturday, 6 March 2010

Weekend Update

So, during my week or so in Enclave Industries our alliance were wardecced by Goram Industries for what I believe to be the third time.  I'm not entirely sure who's in the alliance (I should really find out!)  It's my first experience at war and after I relocated to Aydoteaux, mining operations were dodgy at best and after the alliance lost a couple of expensive mining ships, our CEO put a total ban on mining until the war was over.  His main fear was that such victories would spur them on to continue the war effort.  As it happened, they spent most of the time hiding in Stations and the war was not continued.  At present I'm training skills for mining barges so I can use bigger ships and make things a hell of a lot easier and I've just kitted out a ship (Thrasher) to be used as a combi for both salvaging and fighting.  Here is she: (I haven't named her as yet)

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