Saturday, 6 March 2010

And so the journey begins!

So I made the character Letarious (Minmitar) and began to play the trial - this time properly, doing the various tutorials (around Embod) so I can actually learn.  Over my time in the trial, I was accosted by a bunch of pirates to join them in probing and basically nicking other peoples loot.  The group leader was possibly insane and was kitting a group of us up with probe ships and teaching us what to do, about a week into the trial, he dissapeared and I haven't seen him online since.  So I was left with a bit of a dilema - try and learn pirating myself, or find another way to play the game.  It had also begun to dawn on me the sheer size and depth to the game, which although I found overwhelming on one hand but very exciting and engaging on the other.  After some friendly help in the "Rookie" channel I decided to do some mining as a starting point and after a few days of watching the recruiting channel - I had a nice chat with a chap and joined "Enclave Industries".  So far I've been there just over a week and have decided to subscribe to the game (so I am no longer using trial account).  The guys in game are for the most part very nice and helpful chaps.  I was given 5 million Isk once I was accepted and I've had plenty of advice and even a couple of ships built for me, which is really great.

All in all I really feel like I've connected with the game this time around and I'm beginning to understand that mostly the only limits in the game are imposed by the player, it seems to be not a question of what can you do, but what can't you do!

In summary, I'm gradually (very slowly) starting to understand the game, as one corp member said "It fairly easy to learn, but takes a lifetime to master".  As I'm discovering and learning I'm really enjoying the game and of course the social side of it - which I firmly believe is the building blocks to any good MMO, if you can get in a decent corp with genuinely decent people, then youve got a good base to work out from.


  1. Welcome back!! It was a good choice. I myself don't even play MMOs, but one day I ran across Eve and haven't looked back!